Commercial Facilities

Commercial developers are constantly seeking out the latest technology and design trends that will improve their building’s functionality, durability, and efficiency. For more than 100 years, the Heat & Frost Insulators and their affiliated contractors have been at the forefront of technology and standards for commercial mechanical system insulation.

Energy Efficiency and Productivity

Insufficient and poorly installed insulation around heating and cooling systems is, by far, the biggest cause of lost energy – and dollars – in commercial construction. Skilled and well-planned installation of mechanical system insulation will save you both energy and money. Additionally, proper insulation cuts emissions of green house gases and decreases noise pollution.

In an effort to promote energy efficiency, many states, including Illinois and Indiana, are adopting minimum insulation requirements as a part of energy codes. The energy efficiency speacialists of the Heat & Frost Insualtors constantly review and adapt to new standards to increase efficiency and cost savings.

Thinking Green

As the Chicagoland area becomes a leader in green design, developers are utilizing new types of building materials, lighting and heating, cooling and ventilation systems in order to make their properties more energy efficient. In fact, a recent report found that green buildings use an average of 36% less energy than conventional buildings.

When it comes to building green, commercial developers should look to the Heat & Frost Insulators and their affiliated contractors as an essential partner in fully realizing green building goals. As an element of green design and building, insulation of mechanical systems is fundamental. Poorly designed and installed insulation will undo all the benefits of an otherwise green building.

Life Saving Expertise

Every modern commercial building is designed as a series of fireproof compartments. However, when walls are penetrated in construction or rehabilitation for pipes, ducts or cables, certified and skilled insulation technicians must install fire stop systems that comply with national flame and temperature ratings. Expert firestopping saves lives and the Heat & Frost Insulators are the best in their field.

Their certified professionals of the Heat & Frost Insulators also have the most experience and training to safely handle any asbestos needs, especially in schools and other institutional environments. Over the last 10 years, they has trained an average of 125 Hazardous Waste Handlers & Firestoppers each year.

Lastly, inadequate insulation application is also a leading cause of mold, a growing public health risk. Condensation on improperly insulated pipes and ducts provides the moist environment in which mold grows. Professional insulation technicians can solve the problem before it starts.