Apprenticeship Application Contingent to Stay at Home Order being relaxed/lifted

LOCAL 17 Heat & Frost Insulators

Serving Chicagoland, Peoria, and Northwest Indiana.


About Heat & Frost Insulators

Insulation around a building’s heating and cooling system is a vital resource that protects a facility from energy loss and physical damage. It saves energy immediately and pays for itself fast. It’s a game changer. For more than 100 years, the energy conservation specialists of Heat & Frost Insulators have worked on the front line in building a safer, healthier, greener, and more efficient world. We serve Chicagoland, Peoria, and Northwest Indiana.

Insulators partner with the Illinois Regional Insulation Contractors


COVID 19 Updates

COVID-19 Initial Guidance Pamphlet

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May Union Meeting Cancellation

May 2020 Union Meeting Cancellation Notification

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Apprenticeship Application Dates

June 1-5 2020  8-3pm June 8-12 2020  8-3pm

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