‘Organizing” is the term used when referring to a group of workers that are debating on forming a union. There are various reasons an industry group might look into a forming a union. This could range from improving working conditions to earning the proper wages and benefits they deserve. Every work environment should be held to certain regulations, but sadly many are not.


Did you know, the freedom to form a union is considered a basic human right? This act was passed in 1935 and it continues to be an important element in the lives of hard working men and women today. There is power in numbers when it comes to unions. Uniting toward the same common goals is an effective way to not only get your voice heard and respected.

What have unions done for us?

  • Regulate hourly work time   
  • Quality health insurance
  • Better pensions    
  • Higher wages    
  • Job security    
  • Overtime payment    
  • Job safety    
  • Family and medical leave    
  • Fair treatment in the workplace for women, people of all ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities