Industrial Facilities

Today’s state-of-the-art industrial plants require professional and comprehensive insulation installation and maintenance. Because the majority of equipment in a plant requires mechanical insulation, it is vital that a company work with experts who understand the affect insulation has on a business’ productivity, efficiency and safety. The Heat and Frost Insulators, in partnership with their associate contractors, have the knowledge, experience and training to meet your needs.

Increase Productivity

In most industrial environments, temperature control is vital to the productivity of the plant. In order to achieve consistent temperature control, insulation must match the specification and design of the equipment. Additionally, the insulation must be properly installed and maintained by trained professionals. Poorly installed insulation allows thermal energy to escape, which jeopardizes production and wastes energy.

Increase Energy Efficiency and Save Money

Professionally installed mechanical insulation can also save your business money, while decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment. This is especially important with industrial projects, since the processes and output are extremely energy-intensive. When inadequate insulation is improperly installed, energy seeps out of the equipment, costing companies billions of dollars. Furthermore, this “lost” energy requires more output from power plants that emit carbon dioxide into the air. Using less energy means generating less carbon dioxide, the cause of global warming. The energy efficiency specialists of the Heat & Frost Insulators know that their work not only benefits a company’s bottom line, but also the environment.

Life-Saving Expertise

Most importantly, insulation plays a vital role in the safety of industrial plants. Many plants operate machinery that is extremely hot and insulation serves as the barrier between the equipment and employees. Should a wall or slab become penetrated and pipes exposed, the expert fire stop professionals of the Heat & Frost Insulators have been trained to seal holes, so that nothing can get through them. The Heat & Frost Insulators also have the most experience and training to safely handle any asbestos needs. Over the last 10 years, they have trained an average of 125 Hazardous Waste Handlers and Firestoppers each year.

Lastly, inadequate insulation application is also a leading cause of mold, a growing public health risk. Condensation on improperly insulated pipes and ducts provides the moist environment in which mold grows. Professional insulation technicians and contractors can solve the problem before it starts.