The 2020 New Apprentice Class- A New Approach   

Local 17 has always tried to stay ahead of the curve to industry standards and concerns.  Efforts include journeymen upgrades on the latest renovations in the industry, improved marketing to customers, effective outreach to schools, and meeting with community officials.  Local 17 is consistently trying to think “outside the box” to make this organization stronger moving into the next decade.

Our organization has changed the way we assess and identify our incoming apprentices as they come into our organization. 

In the past, assessments were made through standardized tests and experience and placement were made. In some cases, a new apprentice would go into the field lacking many basic skills to begin their career.  This shortfall could take a long period of time to remedy.  Local 17 devised a plan to help give our newest members the tools one would need to hit the ground running for a more productive and rewarding start for the apprentice, the members, the contractors, and the industry.

The new apprentices coming to our facility where the basic skills and principles are demonstrated. This period of training is not a part of the required curriculum of the first-year apprentice. 

Pipe insulation and duct wrap application are skills our seasoned members have mastered with experience, but to a new apprentice can be daunting.  In many cases, these young men and women may have no experience with this type of work.  Our new program comes with challenges for these incoming students overcome.  Some of the projects are on the ground while, others have the worker several feet off the ground.  This approach to apprentice training accomplishes two goals; real world applications for skill building and safe work habits.  A new apprentice and the assigned journeymen can be assured that both will work together with the goal of an excellent work product utilizing safety measures and maximizing efficiency.

This group under the new protocol has shown real promise.  All fifteen students passed the early entry requirements.  Many of these students wanted to stay after the scheduled training day to get more training.  This demonstrates that these young men and women are invested in this industry and its future success.  Let us continue to invest in our apprentices, making their ongoing training a priority.

The Heat and Frost Insulators Local 17 would like to welcome the new apprentice class of 2020.


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