Local 17 has changed gears in the way it promotes the industry and the organization.  As energy needs arise and associated costs rise, Local 17 has decided to change how it views itself as we approach the future.  Both climate change and the need for Green Energy are critical and inevitable issues to address.  The use of coal and petroleum are becoming less attractive to the end-user.  We, at Local 17, offer a solution there, and deliver at a cost savings.  We believe a properly insulated mechanical system is the conduit to energy efficiency and savings.

Today, more and more buildings are following a “greener” platform in their construction plans.  Energy efficient windows and lighting, insulated building envelopes, green roofs, wind and solar power, and location are all great steps in helping the environment.  To go a step further, it will help get a building points towards becoming a LEED certified building.  For instance, a building can earn one point towards certification if there is a bicycle rack on the premises.  However, mechanical insulation currently plays no role in LEED certification.  Efforts to include high standard mechanical insulation in the considered features benefit all parties.  Contractors and end users would be rewarded with better opportunities for LEED certification, while Local 17, and the industry as a whole, is strengthened.  It can’t be emphasized enough as to the impact of a properly installed and managed mechanical system – both in terms of cost savings and energy loss prevention. Thermal imaging of an uninsulated system is a key measure and can illustrate how much energy is lost.

Local 17 is teaming up with the LMCT (Labor Management Cooperative Trust) to promote our industry throughout Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana.  Our team is going out and meeting with plant and maintenance managers to answer their mechanical insulation needs and to continue to educate on our value.  Our organization, our contractors, and most importantly our members are the best tool we have to promote what we do – that is, to provide the customer with the safest and best mechanical insulation services in the industry. 

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